A horrible hack

Never Again

Year One

Year Released: 2010
Format: CD
Label: Holy Roar
Reviewed by Damien Mills on Apr 14, 2011

Yo, what you've got here is a perfectly timed discography release for the recently ceased southern straight edge band Never Again....yeah, you read that right, a straight edge band, remember those? If you're unfamiliar with these guys steez then it's basically good stomping, short, fast and loud hardcore and... ok, describing hardcore in a way that differentiates it from a million other bands is something i'm always gonna struggle with and i accept this is a pretty all-consuming flaw as an occasional hardcore reviewer for a hardcore website, but please try and bare with me. What i can say is that there is a decent sense of what makes a raging hardcore song with plenty of decent build ups and breakdowns with odd little guitar solos thrown in without it all being too repetitive, and overall the material holds up very well over a 22 track discography, which i think is possibly itself an achievement worthy of much recognition for this sort of thing. I think also the fact that there is a noticeable lack of the typical peaks and dips as the band develops from their earliest to latest material that are usually an inevitable part of things like this is worth noting, there's a decent message buried in there too i reckon, imagine that...

I think these guys are playing their last show this very evening and if you are/were there then i envy you as i always managed to miss them locally, but if like me you are not, then pick this up and recognize, yeah?

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