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Pleasure Leftists


Year Released: 2011
Format: 12" EP
Label: Fan Death Records
Reviewed by David Giles on Apr 19, 2011
Pleasure Leftists play deliberately ‘gothy’ but catchy post-punk. They’ve got a jaggy and sort of poppy drive to their songs but they’ve soaked them in so much reverb that a dark vibe overshadows all that. I feel a little inadequate when talking about goth or deathrock or whatever and I’ve only ever skirted around the edges of post-punk, but I feel like this EP falls close enough to today’s ‘independent rock’ boundary to make a review written purely in throwback comparisons pretty pantomimic. Basically, this isn’t far off hitting a happy medium between bands like Mazes and darker stuff along the lines of Blessure Grave with some pop sensibilities thrown in. It’s pretty enjoyable, although the vocals sometimes get a bit too ridiculous for my liking (it’s the ‘goth’ thing, right?) and a couple of times the repetitiveness irks me. By and large though, this is a nice listen and I can see me spinning it a few times before giving it to a friend who’ll appreciate it more.

Pleasure Leftists - Pleasure Leftists EP by Fan Death Records

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