A horrible hack

Night Birds

Midnight Movies

Year Released: 2011
Format: 7"
Label: No Way
Reviewed by David Giles on Apr 25, 2011
This was originally issued as a tape in November 2010 but sold out so fast that a vinyl repress was warranted. Night Birds play ‘surf-influenced’ punk and sound to my ears not a million miles off the Male Nurses EP. This lacks an edge that the Male Nurses gear had though – it’s similarly guitar-lead driven and perhaps even less introspective but something about this whole EP comes off as pretty staid. The first track is the strongest by far and after that the EP goes downhill for me. The last three tracks come off as standard ‘fast punk’. Even track one is held back for me by being completely brainless. While a working formula for most bands, I think you have to do something a bit more special to pull off this vibe. Mediocre EP on No Way although if the first track’s sound was replicated throughout the EP they might be on to something… Actually, listening again I thought this was pretty rubbish.

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