A horrible hack

Not Squares

Yeah OK

Year Released: 2011
Format: CD
Label: Richter Collective
Reviewed by Morris Breadknife on Apr 28, 2011
So right yeah. Got this review to download, booted up my shagged out laptop, clicked the link, tapped in the password, SHIT I FELT IMPORTANT, got to the page with the music on it and found out I could only download one track of the album. Cheated, abused, shortchanged, and unamused, disappointment hit me like a nappy lobbed from a towerblock roof, turned to anger, rage, hatred, left me screaming and swearing at the screen like a breakfast time Michael Douglas in the burger joint.

Eventually after a few hours playing with my stress relief voodoo doll I calmed down enough to download the paltry granted one track freebie and as listenin to something on my tinny shitbox laptop speakers is not gonna do me or the band any justice and I certainly ain't payin any money for this, the paltry granted one track freebie is all that's gonna get reviewed.

As such what we have here is one track of frenetic, seminal, incandescent, shimmering, meditative, irreverent, irrelevant, immense, overwhelming, esoteric, emphatic, poignant, jaw-dropping fake folk middle rave screamo beano junkstep gubba chubba rubber soul spankcore. Maybe. I never actually got round to listening to it. Someone told me it was dance music though, you know the kind that it's OK for indie kids to like? Kinda organic sounding? Bit of post punk in there? Bit of techno maybe? Check it out, if thats yer bag. It could be good.

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