A horrible hack


Southeastern Blues

Year Released: 2011
Format: Tape
Label: Keep It Together
Reviewed by Samuel Fowler on May 4, 2011

I think i.witness are probably a solid band.




Because it’s unfortunately fairly difficult to make them out here. I am ALL for bands who put little to no effort into recording their songs. Counterproductive as it might sound to do this, sometimes I think the process of producing/mixing/whatever can sometimes take edges away from songs and intentions.

Not here however, something a bit strange is going on instead. Can’t really understand why parts of songs are recorded with crystal clarity, whilst other sections are smeared haphazardly together, and sound like they were recorded in a dumpster. Why the band have chosen to take this approach I am unsure. It makes no sense!

Perhaps with a more sympathetic approach to capturing i-witness on tape (and less of the “hardcore” vocals found towards the end) they’d be a different proposition altogether- something that I think I can definately see. There are songs like "One Day in the Life of Ivan Densiovitch (awesome title! - one of my favourite books) nearer to the start of the tape that work well. Sadly any 20 plus song selection is always going to find it difficult to stay relevent and engaging aroundabouts song 17, especially compounded with recording that serves to hide or mute a lot of what's going on. Oh well.

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