A horrible hack

Etai Keshiki

Etai or Die

Year Released: 2011
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by Jacob KiTR on May 12, 2011
This album is going to be released on a tape, but this is a review of the digital from their bandcamp. Shame, because I like tapes.

At first listen I definitely did not hear what I expected the hear. The album opens up with some slow, plodding guitar riffs that continue throughout the album, but the vocals tend to be more akin to 90s emo/screamo stuff (they almost remind me of Palatka at times). As the album goes on, some of the tracks pick up the pace a bit, reminding me of some hardcore punk, all the while retaining the emo violence vocals and the plodding guitars. Nice.

Although I do enjoy their take on the genre, there aren't really any tracks that stick out as especially awesome. The final track, Infinite Beige, is probably my favorite on the album. The start of it has some real visceral screams in it, and the end definitely gives me a Palatka vibe as the pace picks up and the yelling gets more frantic. A good finisher.

Rough around the edges, and the plodding doesn't really hook me, but overall it's not bad.

Addendum: I was listening to some One Eyed God Prophecy tonight and, come to think of it, this release sort of sounds like One Eyed God Prophecy.

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