A horrible hack

White Walls

The Milk Of A Lonely Man

Year Released: 2011
Format: 7"
Label: Video Disease
Reviewed by David Giles on May 16, 2011
Uncomfortable listen straight out of the Pissed Jeans school of ugly noise rock. Other obvious points of reference are Drunkdriver and Condominium, I think there’s a little bit of Black Flag’s ‘Damaged’ in there too. A-side is a plodding, awkward number with guitars jagging about, wailing vocals, and bass driving through the chaos. Awesome. B-side is shorter, faster and all-over closer to ‘hardcore’ territory but just as awkward a listen. It degrades into a total mulch before fading out into nothing. Definitely an awesome 7’’. Short but I’ve not heard a better example of this type of thing yet this year. You make me wish I had more hands so I could touch you everywhere…

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