A horrible hack

The Measure [SA]


Year Released: 2011
Format: CD
Label: No Idea
Reviewed by james pacanowski on Jun 12, 2011
This band are broken up now and I doubt many people noticed, as every minute I spend writing this another 3 bands of their ilk have stepped up in their place. The problem of the punk-rock democracy where anyone who knows how to play 3-chord rock can form a band is that anyone who knows how to play 3-chord rock can form a band. In this case, The Measure [SA] at least have pedigree in the form of Mikey Erg. The problem is that his job here is playing drums and nothing else, which frankly is wrong. You do not get Mikey Erg in your band just to play drums.

I guess if you like orgcore you can do worse than this. The real sad truth though is that if you like orgcore then you can't really do much better either.

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