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Beach Fossils

What a Pleasure

Year Released: 2011
Format: 12" EP
Label: Captured Tracks
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 17, 2011
I am in a reviews lull. A rut. A hole. A pit. I have a small pile of things that I should write about, from generous people in good bands who have sent me their shit to write about. But I can't bring myself to. I come home, bum around, maybe watch an episode of a cool Yankee TV series, maybe watch the Phillies win 3-1 if they're playing early enough, have a beer or 2, maybe drive a train in a computer simulation, or listen to the Cults or Craft Spells album. That's about it. Writing words about shit we got sent after some of my recent working days is just out of the question. I am unable to give those records the required chance, the necessary listens for them to register on my consciousness. So instead all I can write about is the stuff I am listening to regularly enough to give you words. And there's not exactly so much you can write about Beach Fossils either. "What A Pleasure" is a lovely follow up to their LP from last year, a record that kind of lurked in Wild Nothing's shadow but nonetheless is a prime listen if you're besotted with this particular branch of music. This record ups the ante over 8 tracks of gentle indie pop. If you've paid any attention to the Captured Tracks scene then you'll be unsurprised that BF offer up a warm haze, guided by jangly guitars and notable basslines. Also there is the requisite synths, and the drifting vocals. I don't even need to describe them. You know what it sounds like. It's exceptionally 1980s, and the obvious references are so easy that I won't patronise you with them. The fact is though that Beach Fossils completely nail it, this is an excellent EP that is the kind of becalming listen that I need to coast through the evening. Especially an evening that mocks the beautiful May that has passed with it's horizon to horizon greyness and persistent wetness. Beach Fossils sooth difficult days with simple music. This is the uncomplicated comfortableness that I am in need of, and for that I am fully appreciative.

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