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Old Worlds

A Light in the Corner

Year Released: 2011
Format: CD
Label: Oxide Tones - Jacuzzi Suit - Meters & Miles
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 23, 2011
A bit of a mix this here album, although the prompts they take are perhaps a bit too obvious, digging up the emo tinged post rock of Appleseed Cast and mixing in some noodly tones likely influenced by American Football. However this does lead to a sound that is not quite as derivative as some others out there, trying to find some new hints and cues from the turn of the century. And whilst the notes and ideas are familiar, it does lead to some rather tasteful songs, such as the gentle flow of "Stick With Your Friends". There's even a cute little bit of keyboard at the end of that one, which could have bombed terribly but hey, it just somehow works. The vocals help a lot, reminding me of the guy from the sorely under-rated Maya Shore, although I lack the nous to properly describe them. Kind of high pitched I guess. The dude should sing way more often, I'm also guessing he is partial to a bit of Jeremy Enigk.

The less impressive moments come to the fore when they crank it up for the widescreen rock out. I think it's an element they can do without, switching up gears from low key to Rising Tide era Sunny Day Real Estate. Nope, not for me. I'm also puzzled by the decision to go in the opposite direction on "Little Human Beings" which is blazing along quite merrily and enjoyably, before stopping midway through to get all navel gazey and contemplative.

Overall this is perhaps a little too drawn out to maintain my attention, and the angsty post rock elements are certainly not my bag at all, the instrumental nature of some of the songs could certainly have been bolstered by the strong vocals. Yet Old Worlds have honed a comforting sound here and this is certainly a worthy listen if you have the stomach for this style of indie rock. For the most part, I enjoyed it.

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