A horrible hack

Shat Shorts

Seersucker and Sundresses

Year Released: 2011
Format: Tape
Label: Keep It Together
Reviewed by Chaz Hewitt on Jul 4, 2011
Considering the name itís no surprise that these guys sound quite a bit like Pissed Jeans.

This is noise-rock that rumbles and shakes about the place.

The first track ĎAmateur Hourí breaks from noise into some cool guitar lines and Ďdrunkení shouted and spoken vocals. Itís pretty cool, but as the tape goes on, itís more of the same and it all begins to grate a little and I canít tell any of the tracks apart, and itís all kind of confused and a bit too fast and frantic and I wish theyíd just play slow and calm things down a little. The last song is a dubstep remix of one of their songs. Terrible idea. Maybe itís a joke. If it is, itís not funny.

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