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Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

Year Released: 2011
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by Samuel Fowler on Jul 10, 2011
“RIYL: Small Brown Bike, Leatherface, Hot Water Music”

Well (along with many) “I” do quite “L” the above bands, but harbour an exponentially increasing suspicion of bands described with some combination of the above. Thankfully Campaign don’t especially sound like any of those three bands.

Do you have an Avail record? hey! me too! In which case you probably won’t want this. If you don’t have an Avail record, it’s probably because you don’t like Avail (which is fine, if not a little strange) in which case you won’t want this either.


Unfortunately I can see no real reason to possess this. If yet another band with songs about partying, drinking Old Style with some Lifetime chant-alongs is what still does it for you, then I suppose this is might burn away a few hours in a not unpleasant manner. Personally, I’d prefer that bands wanting to have a go at the scruffy melodic punk stuff would look slightly further afield than repeated attempts to maul the collective corpses of Leatherface/HWM et al whilst apparently missing what made (makes?) bands of that ilk special.

I’m off to listen to some blocko in the corner and sulk.

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