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Crucial Dudes

61 Penn

Year Released: 2011
Format: CD
Label: Jump Start Records
Reviewed by Samuel Fowler on Jul 12, 2011
“Crucial Dudes” Oh why have you called yourself this? An explanation is needed. Almost no band who calls themselves something like this is ever good. Oh well.

Despite bestowing a name upon themselves that suggests that they prance around in flat brims and listen to Madball, Crucial Dudes are actually another in the latest crop of Lifetime boostin’ backwards baseball cap wearin’ pizza scrannin’ kids from NJ. I suspect you probably have an inkling of the general musical area they hail from going by that..

So yeah, these chaps are riding up front with Erection Kids/Chasing Paperboy and many other bands of similar ilk, and appreciation of Crucial Dudes will predate on entirely on whether you can still make your way through a Blink 182 album without collapsing in a heap, dribbling viscera from your ears. There’s really not a single iota of musical innovation going on here, but as with bands like Man Overboard this doesn’t really matter very much at all if it’s pulled off with aplomb. Which is indeed the case here. Bouncing guitars, goofy songs alluding to teen relationships and the like: all the good stuff. You can bet your bottom dollar that the singer jumps around a lot and pulls faces. This is for listening to at home, and hiding away when other people are around so they don’t stumble across your shameful secret. Oh shit, my name’s on this review…

This ‘ere doesn’t outstay its welcome either, many of the songs are sub 2 minutes, which is a treat, and nicely bucks the trend of neo-pop punk indulgent operatics which seem all to common. A tidy little package. Just a shame about the name. I’m available on a very agreeable consultancy fee should they wish to improve on that.

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