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Lich - Resurrectionists


Year Released: 2011
Format: LP
Label: React With Protest - Vendetta
Reviewed by Samuel Fowler on Jul 13, 2011
Wheeeeeee! THIS is the thing you want!

1) As for the Resurrectionists? It is likely you know of them. They feature members of such bands as Arsen AKA Konig Der Monster and The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra. Even by the high standards of previous output by the Resurrectionists this is still something quite special. If youíre new, they play scalding Brenene-sque, almost blackened, emo-violence twice as fast and twice as furious as anyone else. The levels of intensity are off the charts, the drumming is ridiculously complex, the guitars seem to be coming from everywhere all at once, with venomous dual vocals slashing through everything. The lyrical matter is spot on, and the pointed nature of the songs making it feel like a verbal rain of undeniable relentless blows juddering into your body.

2) As for Lich? It is likely you know of them. They feature members of such bands as Me and Goliath, and Battle of Wolf 359. Whereas both of those bands come from a more screamo influenced direction, Lich instead are furrowing a sickening bludgeoning powerviolencey path. This is one of those few records that actively wishes you ill, and sounds as if it is striving to cause you grievous harm as it twists and bellows unfathomably at you. The closest comparison I can think of is the feeling that is evoked by the Uranus full length, the malevolent all pervading gloom, the feeling of being chased by unknowable horrors as you scrabble desperately in a futile attempt to escape. The way they kick off their side of the record with "Beasts of Burden" is GREAT, and lets you know what you're in for...

All in, two excellent sides of a beautifully screened gatefold LP. If you are at all interested in the heavier bludgeoning side of screamo, then thisíll definately be the thing for you. The Resurrectionists are back over soon, and should you have, and decline, the chance to see either band, I opine you are a buffoon, a common ignorant fool.

resurrectionists - sie ertrinken by resurrectionists
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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