A horrible hack

Stand Out Riot

the Gentleman Bandits

Year Released: 2011
Format: CD
Label: TNS Records
Reviewed by Samuel Fowler on Jul 15, 2011
If emo is dead, ska punk belongs in pre history, back when life was a primordial sludge oozing about greasilly all over the place. Today itís dead, Very VERY dead.

So assuming unlikely circumstances where generic ska era HHN /Deck Cheese might still appeal then I imagine this might conceivably be of interest. Noodling guitar lines, a large pile of assorted brass instruments, over enunciated vocals: its all there. I never liked this particular edge of the skacore scene at the time myself, and apparently time has not altered this. To their credit they have at least tried to do a few interesting things, but unfortunately this hasnít exactly improved matters. The songs donít really evoke anything, and I couldnít really gather enough interest to work out what the vocals or themes are about.

Standout Riot arenít bad like some of the scenes leading lights today (Hi Sonic Boom Six!), just notÖ interesting.

Developing Detachment by Stand Out Riot

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