A horrible hack



Year Released: 2011
Format: 7"
Label: Smart Guy Records
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jul 20, 2011
All reviews of this record will probably be mentioning that the singer is that guy Brendan from Eddy Current Suppression Ring, so why should I buck the trend? My most abiding thought from listening to this single is that I hope they record an album, as two songs isn't really enough. A side "Layman's Terms" is the poppier of the two numbers and not much like ECSR at all. What with the repetitious guitar and warm bass line, it actually vaguely reminds me of the Promise Ring, which I suppose means it sounds like Superchunk or the Wedding Present. Brendan shares vocals with a slightly out of tune lass, and works well. It's a super catchy, bouncy indie pop number. There's a particularly nice bit towards the end where it all drops out and the guitars ring out prettily. Basically, I want to hear more shit that sounds like this from this band. Over on the AA side we have "Nothing" which sounds way more like ECSR, a darker, more brooding effort pushed along by bass and drums that occasionally explodes into messy carelessness. It's not as instant as it's flipside partner but it does provide a nice contrast and rounds out a really decent single. LP ASAP plz.

Boomgates - Nothing by smartguy

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