A horrible hack

Gray Young

Stay Sail

Year Released: 2011
Format: LP
Label: 307 Knox
Reviewed by Jacob KiTR on Jul 27, 2011
Like most PR write-ups, the blurb that came with this download was pretty wordy. I skipped through most of it, but the general gist of it was 'post rock band (with vocals)'. Wouldn't think you could fluff that up too much.

That aside, it's a pretty solid album. The songs are put together well, the recording quality is good, and the instrumentation is tight and concise. A lot of the songs have the standard post-rock staples (epic soundscapes, etc.), but they do mix it up occasionally (one song is mostly banjo and acoustic guitar, if I'm hearing right). The songs flow well together and overall it does really feel like an album as opposed to a bunch of songs stuck together. Some of the instrumental parts do remind me of emo bands, and I don't feel like they'd feel out of place at a show with bands influenced by American Football and the like. Even so, with the potential emo influences aside, this is first and foremost a post-rock band. If you aren't a fan of post-rock now, I doubt this album will sway you either way. On the other hand, if you do find yourself enjoying Explosions in the Sky or something similar, and vocals don't turn you off, it wouldn't surprise me if you found yourself enjoying this album.

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