A horrible hack

Agatha and the Christies

First One

Year Released: 2011
Format: Tape
Label: Tadpole
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Aug 27, 2011
For whatever reason I thought this lot were gonna be hammering out something punky and raucous, but instead what I got is six tracks of loose, easy-going garage pop and trebly R&B licks. The twanging guitars and heavy emphasis on female vox make me think someone here probably has a soft spot for Holly Golightly (circa 'God Don't Like It', say) while at other points I'm reminded of a deconstructed, less rambunctious Sleater Kinney, neither of which are bad comparisons to have levelled at you as far as I'm concerned. Cuts like 'Set Up' and the stomping 'You Got Me' show the band at their best, and while I could have done without the Munsterisms of 'Crime Fight' or the ponderous 'Keep It Outside' (at least, that is, until the mangled John Lee Hooker riff kicks in...) this is a pretty promising start and way better than 99% of the shit I had to suffer through to see the Gories and the Oblivians play that fest in Nottingham.

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