A horrible hack

Bona Head

Colours, Doors, Planet

Year Released: 2011
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Sep 11, 2011
It's like a soundtrack of a brooding montage in an 80's film. Perhaps Danny Glover has just died and Mel Gibson is roaming the dark streets of Los Angeles, drunk, screaming about Jews and threatening to murder women (you can't hear these threats of course, because its a montage but if you can read lips you can see him wittering on on about Zionism and the new world order). It's electro pop about three doors. It's a concept album. It's not my cup of tea, it's not even a glass of water. Thank god Ghostbusters is on, or I may have fallen asleep. It's redeeming factor is a nice squelchy bass sound. That is not enough Bona Head. Not enough.

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