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12XU - Abject Object


Year Released: 2011
Format: 7"
Label: Puzzle - WeeWee - PurePainSugar
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Sep 22, 2011
Andy Malcolm probably has this on his list of records to review but I'm getting in first - he's already written three on 12XU anyway. The band are masters of releasing about four songs a year of pretty near top notch post-punk emo. And this is as good as any of the songs on their other records - if you haven't tired of them then definitely get on this. Keep it up lads, you are helping to pioneer this sound and it is far from being overdone.

I didn't expect to like Abject Object and their quickfire first song did little except confirm this. However, their second track 'Past' is much better, a two minute song combining lots of elements of hardcore effectively. As if their thrashy tendencies have been given a makeover with a nod to their partner on this split. They have a split out with Aghast which now makes me even more interested in that.

The only downside is that second side of this record is a bit wasted on me; I've never been a fan of covers and here 12XU cover Green Day whilst Abject Object try a Pinhead Gunpowder song. Still, this is a very solid split overall.

22nd September 2011

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