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Bridge and Tunnel

Rebuilding Year

Year Released: 2011
Format: CD
Label: No Idea
Reviewed by Jon Welsh on Oct 24, 2011
When I heard that Bridge & Tunnel featured ex-members of Latterman & Slingshot Dakota, I knew that this would be something that I would be interested in. Their first album, 'East/West', whilst a good listen, never quite punched hard enough on the loud parts, and similarly never sat quite right on the quiet parts. On 'Rebuilding Year', with 2 7"s & a 10" released inbetween the two albums, they have grown into a more polished and essentially, more well-rounded band. To go as far to say their sound is Part-Small Brown Bike & part-Fugazi (in parts) would be fair, and I would definitely say that is a compliment. The mixture of shouted vocals and the sung vocals aren't executed in a cheesy way either, which is a treat for someone who has got very tired of hearing the combination butchered by so many in recent times.

What they have released on 'Rebuilding Year' is a collection of 10 tracks which manage to sound upbeat and positive, whilst also sounding thoughtful and downright pissed off at times. New York has a history of bands who can capture the very essence of the streets from which they where born, this is no different, there is something very city sounding about this album. This winter they will be releasing a 7" as part of the Run For Cover Records' singles club, and in the new year will be heading over to the UK.

In conclusion, 'Rebuilding Year' is 100% worth a listen, but dont expect to be blown away, Bridge & Tunnel are a band still growing, but growing fast.

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