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Super Vacations - Eternal Summers


Year Released: 2011
Format: 7"
Label: Funny / Not Funny
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Dec 5, 2011
Super Vacations give us two songs of downbeat, surfy lo-fi not so far removed from early Real Estate or Beach Fossils, but the some of the vocals are so wildly out of tune as to be distracting. I quite like out of tune vocals, but here they don't really add to things. The songs are pretty short and done with before you really had much of a chance to think about them. This is solid enough, but the problem with this style is that there are a few other bands doing this kind of music that are so ahead of the pack, that you really have to do something to stand out. The second track "Beer League" is the pick of the 2 for me.

Eternal Summers I have heard before, but can't really remember - there's a review over there somewhere. This is certainly chirpier and more relaxing than their pals on the other side.It's a pleasing take on twee indie pop, swirling a little wooziness into the mix to heighten the intrigue. The guitar is simple and the vocals are in tune. "On My Honor" is a rather pleasant little ditty, and "Half the Time" is a super gentle soother of the type that would take the edge off all but the most gruesome hangovers. Nice, this certainly made more of an impression on me than the last record I reviewed by them.

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