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Aghast - Abject Object


Year Released: 2011
Format: 10"
Label: WeeWee - Aspidistra - Le Syndrome De Galilee
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Dec 10, 2011
Aghast are back! After having released some excellent records more than five years ago they disappeared off the map and had seemingly broken up. But here they rise again with two new songs - let's hope it's the start of something rather than being just a couple of songs they still had lying around. Because they still rock. The first track 'Totalitaire' is their longest yet, clocking in at five minutes. A bit of intensity is perhaps lost due to the duration but it allows them to try something a bit different. The second song is similar but shorter - overall it feels like there are more instrumental passages than the older stuff which gives a slightly different feel to things - it's like they've slowed things down a bit in their old(er) age. I must say, however, that the vocals are still an absolute delight, and were to a large extend what made me love this band in the first place. All in all their side of the split is very welcome and reminds of a time when a bunch of French bands were doing interesting things to modern emo.

I didn't quite know what to make of Abject Object on their split with 12XU, and not much changes here. I must admit I don't think I would have bought their records were it not for them being on a split with another band that I knew I would like. But then I have really enjoyed listening to them. Here they race through three tracks in just over four minutes. And they still really baffle me; at times they sound a bit like Green Day when they were good, combined with elements of garage. Before you screw up your face in disgust, however, let me say that it's really fucking good! Maybe it's just me being super ignorant of most punk music other than emo / screamo but this sounds quite unique and refreshing to me. Overall, it's a bit on the short side for a 10'' but this is worth checking out.

10 December 2011

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