A horrible hack

Get Rad

Choose Your Own Adventure

Year Released: 2011
Format: 7"
Label: perpetual motion machine - Halo Of Flies
Reviewed by Dana Scully on Dec 12, 2011
In a genre as self-referential as hardcore, where essentially every city in the world will have a band playing chun, a band playing fast etc., there’s a pretty strong argument for provincialism. My pal told me recently that in Japan a lot of the bands don’t care about distributing outside Japan and tend to press enough records for Japan only. I think there’s a lot to be said for that. Over the last 30+ years the small number of disputably classic hardcore records float atop a Marianas Trench of records that, for one reason or another, don’t measure up. Pretty much every one of those records (save perhaps the criminally bad, and often even those) will matter to that band’s “local community” who saw them live on the reg. If Get Rad were my local fast hardcore band I would go watch them, buy their records and shit. But I have a local band that I do that with, and I have the classic ‘fast hardcore’ records that paved the way for this band. I feel like I’ve been overexposed to bands that sound like this, and as its not my locals or what I perceive as classic, I find it hard to justify spinning it. Jaded reviewer’s honesty. I do think that diy labels pumping cash into this kind of thing is a glimmer of legitimacy in a doomed world and I saw a few people put this 7 on their end of year best of lists. I know some younger folk from round here that would go nuts on it too. Make of that what you will. A record for people who know what they like and will like this.

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