A horrible hack

the United Sons of Toil

when the revolution comes, everything will be beautiful

Year Released: 2011
Format: CD
Label: Phratry
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Dec 14, 2011
I like the cover to this bands record, I don't know what it is from, and the sleeve doesn't tell me. First problem! I was going to get my girlfriend to review this for me because I was a bit tired, but she just said it sounded like someone making a noise in a bin, so I suppose I'd better pull my finger out and do it myself.

It is a 90's kind of noise rock feel to it, Melvin's, Jesus Lizard, A bit Keelhaul-y even, I think I read another review that compared them a bit to the Dazzling Killmen, that seems apt too. It's a right riff fest. Maybe a sort of less atmospheric Neurosis in places too.

I like the more screamy singer over the gruffer low voiced man. I like the song 'the Shining Path' (which I presume is about the guerillas in Peru), it's all very political, and interesting.

They are from Madison, is that the same place where all the bridges are?

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