A horrible hack

Battle of Britain Memorial

The Aftermath of Your Bright Beings

Year Released: 2011
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by Graeme Cunningham on Dec 22, 2011
So I guess if you're French, all those cool French emo band names aren't quite as exotic and appealing? I guess that's why they're named themselves Battle of Britain Memorial. Which is something I'd expect to see listed on the BBC early one Sunday morning.

These guys are "screamo" but as anyone with a passing interest in that bag knows, that can mean just about anything these days. So just where are BOBM on the Skramzometer? To be honest, my Skramzometer was struggling to even flicker while this was on.

The biggest strike against this is that at no stage in the proceedings, do the band totally loose their shit. Screamo is all about loosing your shit for me. Things struggle to even step up to hectic. Never mind shit miss-placing levels. The shortest track is four and a half minutes. You could have a whole Palatka set in that time.

This record isn't without merit. There are some nice bits going on in amongst it all, the first track has some nice female (I think) spoken word vocals. Some pretty atmospheric samples. At several points one of them does sing though. He really shouldn't do that. It sounds utterly cringe worthy every time...

You can download it for sod all off bandcamp, so it's worth a look if you're not yet a Jaded Screamo.

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