A horrible hack
Child Meadow are two members of Bokanovsky playing a style not too dissimilar to their main band. There's obviously a bit less going on, since there's just one guitar and drums, but they make up for it by both joining in on vocals. It's high intensity stuff and is a good example of how awesome punk music can be made by just two people; don't ever let lack of numbers stop you.

Child Meadow race through four tracks on this 7'' and have made the songs freely available on their website. My favourite track is song three because of the lyrics. They are a rebuff of people who say that playing music is just a thing for young people. I think we all know it isn't but still, you see comments from time to time even on Collective about how a band is too old to be playing a certain style. As long as the passion is truly there it doesn't fucking matter. A whole bunch of labels have got involved releasing this, including Danny Parsons' own Little One records. Some good screamy emo to tide you over here.

27th December 2011

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