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Brain Dead - Crash The Pose


Year Released: 2006
Format: 7"
Label: What We Do Is Secret
Reviewed by Kunal Nandi on Jan 14, 2007
Yet more awesome UK DIY hardcore thrash / punk / whatever core. Fucking bring it on. I cannot get enough of this shit, although it seems Crash The Pose can, as they've just kicked the bucket. I had the dubious honour of witnessing their final performance, and in fine CTP tradition it was chaotic, messy, deranged and fast as fuck. Anyone can do that bollocks, but only these guys could crank out some surprisingly melodic rocking bits before deliberately racing off along another tangent at lightning speed, trying to keep up with each other Void-style, all topped off by Ellis' hilariously shrieking vocals. They will be sadly missed. Until they reform. Brain Dead are back too which is good to see. Already amassing a fine body of work, their brutal, heavy, blurred hardcore often gets compared to Infest, the deep, guttural vocals helping that along. Brain Dead really whack up the evilness levels though. Those lyrics just drip negativity, and it's actually very unpredictable in the way things suddenly change tempo or structure. Scary shit. Great split.

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