A horrible hack

Lower Third

Hiromi Restraint

Year Released: 2012
Format: CD
Label: Daddy Tank Records
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on Mar 12, 2012
This is an electronic album which for once, I will not be forced to consider using the word “atmospheric” when thinking about how best to describe it. That's not to say this album doesn't create an atmosphere of its own when you hear it, only that its highest ambition is clearly not to soundtrack an as yet unmade horror film in which young people are first stalked, then captured and bound, before being ruthlessly tormented and finally barbarically gutted.

There are lots of plinks and plonks here and several plunks too, in many places it sounds like the music which I imagine is playing inside The Cat in the Hat's head as he is introducing those two children to Things A and B.

In other news, I bought the Arab Strap album “Elephant Shoe” from amazon last week and had it delivered to my door for a combined total of less than £2. It is genuinely one of the best albums I have heard in the last few years so get yourselves over there and get one; if you hate it, I'll give you the £2.

Sadly I must go, my family gradunza has been stolen and I must report it to the police.

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