A horrible hack


the New Imperative

Year Released: 2011
Format: 7"
Label: Sound Study Recordings
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Apr 26, 2012
Been a while since I heard anything from these cats, but this 4 song 7 presents itself as a timely reminder that they are a band worth keeping up with. They crank through each track in a shoegazey whirlwind, with cosy vocals nestled comfortably in the eye of the storm. It's easy to recommend this to anyone who has enjoyed that rather good Whirr LP that came out recently, both records suggesting that they were informed by slightly punkier music that your bog standard shoegaze / My Bloody Valentine revivalist artiste. Averkiou make an everso pleasant noise, piling guitar on top of guitar and then half the time playing everything quite fast. This is a really decent 7 single that should appeal to people looking for something a little bit extra from such a well trodden genre.

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