A horrible hack

Corey Orbison

Your Name is Poison

Year Released: 2008
Format: 7"
Label: Everard
Reviewed by MH on Apr 27, 2012
5 song 7inch here from Corey Orbison. It's on white vinyl and the packaging is very nice - there are a number of inserts and the record came with a note from the bloke who released it saying that it's been out for a while and still has 100 copies to sell. It's not hard to see why as this type of music is not exactly en vogue right now. Corey Orbison play some DIY/queercore/riot grrl type post punk. You could also file this in the Not Very Easy Listening section. The first song opens with some jumpy riffs and rhythms which are recurrent on the other songs too. The female vocals are quite high pitched and shouty. They are shrieked at times - see "Sleeping Pills" for some fairly yelped vocals - think the singer from Life Without Buildings and you're not far off. Jarring, angular riffs are apparent throughout, particularly on “Who’s The Monkey?” which also features some Sonic Youth-esque backing vocals. Closing track "I Cut Things Up" takes up the whole of the B side. It sounds like they actually are cutting things up at the start before the vocals kick in and get screechier and screechier before an ending in which this lapses into wailing banshee territory. It would be lazy to compare this to Huggy Bear but they are surely one of the band’s biggest influences. If you’re after something tuneful and slick I’d steer well clear as this is quite an awkward listen. It’s highly DIY though and does have a certain charm to it. 

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