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Satellite Hive

Year Released: 2012
Format: CD
Label: Daddy Tank Records
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on May 5, 2012
Another new release from Daddy Tank records; them boys is always busy.

This release differs slightly from previous offerings from this label as it seems at times as though it is reaching for the mainstream. It won't ever properly reach the mainstream of course because it's reaching from way too far into the electronic hinterland, but there are some tracks on this album which you could imagine appearing as music soundtracking Jason Bourne dashing through the streets to either a) avoid being killed by someone or b) kill someone who's trying to avoid him.

Does this qualify as mainstream? What is mainstream electronica? Is it The Rednex? People laugh at The Rednex and say their music is disposable Eurobeat horse-shit but they're massive in Germany; they've sold millions and never forget that the value of a musician lies solely in the number of units they've shifted.

Mitoma are probably not going to shift as many units as The Rednex, especially when their albums are released in limited edition runs of 100, but if you're designing a computer game in which futuristic cyber-thugs from the year 639478650 are being stalked by the black leather trench-coat wearing forces of the ruling Fascist government, this is the music you need.

Interestingly, whoever wrote the press release chose to use the phrase “sturm and drang” which is a German language phrase I love almost as much as “nacht and nebel.”

What's that? Roger Ebert just walked into the room? What did that fat idiot have to say for himself?

“Two thumbs way up.”

Good man, isn't he looking slimmer these days? Has he been on a diet?
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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