A horrible hack

Antlered Man

Giftes 1 & 2

Year Released: 2012
Format: CD
Label: Goo Grrl Records - Noisolution
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on May 28, 2012
I was drawn in by the artwork which I thought looked nice, then I read the press release which had enough references to Mike Patton that made me assume the record was a big load of shit. God I hate Mike Patton.

The press sheet also references Future of the Left, and System of a Down. I can hear the Future of the Left, but without their menace. The singing is too rock to have any real menace, and it's as eastern sounding as fuck, so there's your SOAD. I used to be in a band where one of the members was forever trying to stick eastern sounding bits in the songs, since then I have developed an irrational hatred of that style, this record is drenched in it.

Having said that there are some weird folk/psyche bits that are good, which are part indie, part British invasion leaning on the psyche, the song Buddhist Soup is a good one, not too much eastern drone, and some whistling. The rest I can take or leave. Probably leave.

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