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Ssssnakes - the Slow Death


Year Released: 2011
Format: 7"
Label: Kiss of Death - Not Shy of the DIY - SWFU
Reviewed by MH on Jun 13, 2012
This is a split 7inch from two punk bands who are less than local to each other. Ssssnakes come from Wales and feature at least one member of The Arteries. Their side is really good.  They hurtle through “Only One” at pace with some driving bass work. The second song, "Surfrog", starts off slowly with a kind of 50s doo-wop riff that reminds me of the high school dance in “Back To The Future” as I get the feeling they are about to whip out a cover version of “Earth Angel”. The track builds up slowly with some muffled vocals that are barely audible before bursting into life, going back to the riff and then careering off again. There are also some samples of voices on this track that sound like they come from old black and white films talking about what constitutes murder. They fit seamlessly onto the track. These are the best 2 songs I have heard from Ssssnakes and I’m impressed. The Slow Death come from Minneapolis and feature ex-members of The Ergs and Pretty Boy Thorson & The Falling Angels amongst others in their ranks. On side B, they deliver three straightforward, no-frills punk rock tracks including a Lemonheads cover version (“Glad I Don’t Know”). A more than pleasing effort from both bands – particularly Ssssnakes.

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