A horrible hack


Ťak Kov

Year Released: 2011
Format: LP
Label: My Sleeping Cat
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Jun 21, 2012
This one, for shame, malingered on the review pile for yonks, and to be honest it was only because I saw a rave review from Ken Prank that I ended up sticking my arm up for it. Glad I did, because these long-running Slovakians have made a pretty belting record that's a definite notch above most metallic crust acts currently fouling the genres waters. While they have gruff, rasping vocals, a dense timbre and a deep sense of foreboding about them the band seem eager to creep beyond Tragedy's crowded melodi-crust ghetto and try a few of their own tricks, merging their thundering hardcore attack with jarring discords and bouts of savage riffing that, if shorn of their muck, leather and spikes, could probably hold their own amid any number of whey-faced retro thrashers drawing radiation-afflicted zombies on their schoolbooks. So, then, if you like the idea of a Skitsystem/Sacrilege face-off or are just looking for something a tad different to lift you out of your crusty doldrums then get to tracking 'Ťak Kov' down as quick as your broadband connection will allow. It's a beast and a half and totally, totally recommended.
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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