A horrible hack

Blood Sport

Journal No. 4

Year Released: 2012
Format: Tape
Label: Audacious Art Experiment
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Jul 12, 2012
Its like Afro beat meets Math/Noise core. It reminds me of a great band from my old town called An Emergency, which is good business, mixed with the Fall maybe. But more Afro beauty. I like it. Good drumming, good noise, good playing all round. It goes really well with the christian channel I have on the background (my favoured Saturday watching after the Irish country and western program finishes) which features a very angry African lady shouting a lot. She is in time with the music. Get this tape, and listen to it with Apostle Tina, on Olive TV. It makes it even better. Especially when the music starts dissolving and Tina (I assume) starts throwing her arms around and shouting something religious.

I think there is only 100 tapes? So go and get it. I wouldn't regret it.

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