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Four Songs: Demo Spring 2012

Year Released: 2012
Format: Tape
Label: self released
Reviewed by MH on Jul 14, 2012
This demo is of the first four tracks written by Plaids – hence the simple song titles – “One”, “Two”, “Three” and “Four”. It was recorded a few hours before they played their first show and has been available on the band's Bandcamp page for a while now. It is now out on tape complete with desolate cover art - a black and white photo of a wind turbine against the sky. They include members who feature in the likes of What Price, Wonderland?, Huffin Paint, Without Maps and Joanna Gruesome. Anyway, despite the fact that it was apparently thrown together in a short space of time in the infancy of the band, this tape is really great. The first track is straight in your face with some driving guitars and yelled vocals. The guitar sound recalls Bullets*In at times - really driving and energetic. The songs are fast-paced and frenetic too. Parts of this also remind me of an early, loud Bob Tilton particularly in the unhinged-sounding “Two”, and in some of the more desperate vocals and flailing guitars. That's Bob Tilton without the quieter parts as this is loud throughout. The vocals on this are top notch - sometimes sung, other times yelled and more frantic. I have mentioned Bullets*In and Bob Tilton - two bands that I love - and that should really get you interested in hearing this band if those bands appealed to you at all. Plaids are past the "promising" stage already and have more than potential as they are already very good indeed. This sounds particularly great when played loud. One of the best things I’ve heard lately.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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