A horrible hack

Kaylene Widdoes

Here Lies

Year Released: 2012
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by MH on Jul 20, 2012
There is only one song here and very little information about Kaylene on the internet. I did find a blank page for her on Lastfm and I am going to take it as a positive that despite the fact she has only one listener on there, that that person has apparently listened to her 41 times. Not least because there appears to be only one song available - this one. The email that Kaylene sent to Collective Zine gives a bit more information on her. It is probably the nicest and most polite email I have seen since I started writing reviews. She comes from Ohio and is still in high school. This is her first single. This one song is kind of melancholy, downbeat indie with some strumming and fingerpicked acoustic guitar. She has a lovely, slightly fragile voice that reminds me of someone - I can't quite recall who unfortunately. There are a whole clutch of singer songwriters wielding acoustic guitars at the moment but this a nice song with a slightly haunting feel to it.

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