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Andre Angrepet

Year Released: 2012
Format: 7"
Label: Nakkeskudd Plater
Reviewed by Kjetil Holstad on Aug 23, 2012
Nakkeskudd Plater just announced that this will be their final release. A Norwegian institution within the punk and hardcore scene is with that over. It's impressive that Stian managed to do 27 releases based on the foundation of punk and the do.it.yourself ethics. How he managed to do this while keeping sane is beyond me - trading records when the shipping prices inflates beyond what is reasonable, people who complain if a distro order has not been received within 48 hours, labels that flake on trading and deals and all things that are bad in the scene. Kudos to you Stian!

Eskatol is Stian's own band and what better way to stop the label then with a release of his own band. This three song 7" follow up their 2009 full-length 'Blod�rn' with two originals and a cover. This does not stray far from 'Blod�rn' and contains some of the best crust Norway has to offer nowdays. It's either the format that fit them better (I hardly have the stomach to listen through a full-length of crust) or the sound itself that makes this a much more intense experience than the full-length. It's rawer but at the same time they have included some killer melodic parts. The dual vocal attack in Norwegian makes me want to sing along pounding my fist in the air. With the two originals being such killer songs I�m almost tempted to forgive them the His Hero Is Gone � Carry On cover, but not quite. It�s well crafted and well played but bleak compared to the original that might just be untouchable.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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