A horrible hack

PJ Bond - Brian Bond

Brother Bones / Baby Bones

Year Released: 2012
Format: Download
Label: Black Numbers - Coffeebreath & Heartache
Reviewed by MH on Sep 1, 2012
This is a split from two brothers. I am familiar with some of PJ Bond’s music but not his younger brother Brian’s. They both operate in similar country-influenced and downbeat rock for which they have a band in tow on this record. They also throw in a few simpler acoustic numbers. PJ’s side opens with a melancholy, countrified tune backed by the band – it’s pretty good. Next up is the more upbeat “Savannah” – I say upbeat as you can dance to this one but the chorus is still quite downbeat. The pick of the bunch is the 3rd track, “Darlin’, I’ve Been Drinking Nights”. It is a self-deprecating, sad love song with some slide guitar – really good. The last song is good too. This one is stripped down to an acoustic guitar with some slide and reminds me of some of Tim Barry’s slower, sad songs. Brian’s side is similar in style although he has a more fragile voice. Again, his songs are quite slow and downbeat although the country-influence is a little less apparent. “Lenape Land” is a sad song with finger-picked acoustic guitar. These songs are more sparse instrumentally overall. Both sides are decent - if you like stuff like Drag The River and Cory Branan then this will likely appeal to you.

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