A horrible hack

Call the Doctor

Hands Will Shake

Year Released: 2012
Format: CD
Label: Glasstone Records
Reviewed by MH on Sep 4, 2012
Call The Doctor are an indie rock band from Bristol, named after the Sleater Kinney song of the same name. Sonically they do share some more similarities with them too. They are quite upbeat with driven guitars, a bit of post punk, angular riffing and melodic female vocals. There is a clear influence of some older female fronted rock bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees too, particularly in the vocals of the Kiwi singer. She has quite a melodic and powerful voice. After the brief opener, "Closer To Home" is the first proper song on here and starts with some big riffing. The songs on here have a bigger and cleaner sound than the likes of Sleater Kinney. They remind me at times of some 90s indie bands like Sleeper and Elastica. Being married to an Antipodean, I also notice some similarities to bands like The Superjesus who get plenty of airplay in our house. "The Otherside" has some angular post punk riffing going on and "Stood Beside Her" slows things down but is quite a big, moody song. This sounds like it would be their set-closer. The longer final track builds and builds and has a slower, quieter breakdown that brings back the moodiness before leaving in a frenzy of riffing and more desperate vocals. This is the best song on here if you ask me. On second thoughts, this one would probably the set-closer. There is a hidden track at the end too which is more downbeat and muffled. It would be interesting to hear this band do more of this type of thing - a nice ending with its lo-fi nature. A well-crafted and consistent album overall.

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