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Wiltz - Facing


Year Released: 2012
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by MH on Sep 22, 2012
This is a split from two Irish bands. Wiltz are first up. They come from Wicklow and play some more than pleasant and upbeat instrumental stuff, although they do yell “Cops!” loudly at the end of the first track. The opening track makes me think of a lighter version of And So I Watch You From Afar. They are quite technical and mathy. The best track on here for me is “Ice Cream Cake (Revisited)” which turns up the twinkly and gets closer to more straightforward post rock territory. The last of the four Wiltz tracks is called "Justin Phillips". I am not sure if it is named after someone in particular. I looked the name up on the internet and whittled it down to being either a poker player, a Canadian football linebacker, a pit steward in the Silver Dollar Speedway or a court judge who likes to hug his clients. No doubt I am on completely the wrong track.

The other side of this split features a Dublin band called Facing. They cover similar ground to Wiltz on the opener which is nice enough. They are also quite technical and go for some long, drawn-out soloing, some heavier riffing and vocals on the other two tracks. “*Yawn*” and "Canon" are a bit of an oddity to me – the vocals are sung for the most part but they go for some heavier yelling that wouldn’t be out of place in a hardcore band. There is some big riffing going on too. Both tracks close with some nice, mellower sounds. There are too many different styles in these songs for my ears I’m afraid. Wiltz win this split for me with their more straightforward and focussed style.

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