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Dowsing - Parker


Year Released: 2012
Format: 7"
Label: Count Your Lucky Stars
Reviewed by MH on Oct 24, 2012
This is a great little split from the Count Your Lucky Stars label. Dowsing take the A side and I have already waxed lyrical about what I think of them on a previous review. The first track is mid-paced with slightly more yelled vocals than on the recent LP – it’s closer to the sound of the 7inch – really good indie rock. The drumbeat lends it an old feel. There is a different version of LP track “Somerset” on here too and it’s janglier with a fuller band sound on this split. Dowsing are a band that I want to hear every track by – they can do little wrong for me on present form. Parker take the B side and if you’ve ever wondered what a slightly faster Joie de Vivre would sound like then the first song, "Make It Home Safely", would give you a good idea. I am over-simplifying it but they do have the same singer on this track and a slightly more upbeat rhythm section on show. The lyrics are similarly downbeat and personal to Joie de Vivre and it’s still slightly twinkly although a touch more simplistic in that sense. I would say that on the strength of these two songs they lean more towards indie rock. “Make It Home Safely” is musically upbeat. It’s a brilliant song that really bursts into life halfway through when the singer really belts the words out. For a second I thought there was a gang vocal here but I think it’s just two of them yelling the same line but not quite in unison. Warren Franklin is also in the band and takes lead vocals on "Eleanor Roosevelt" which is quieter, self-deprecating and lovely. I like the lyrics, the jangly guitar, the harmonious vocals - it all works a treat. I'm definitely interested in hearing a lot more from Parker. So: 2 songs by a band that I want to hear everything by and 2 songs by a new band that I'd like to hear a lot more from - bonus points for the cover art too. This all equates to a great little record.

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