A horrible hack

Richard Parker


Year Released: 2012
Format: Download
Label: Communal Blood
Reviewed by MH on Nov 1, 2012
Only one track here but it's some nice and upbeat post rock from this Leeds instrumental outfit. The track is kind of in two parts with its pause after less than 2 minutes and the subsequent change of tack. The first part is kind of mesmerising and it then moves in a different direction with some upbeat drumming and shimmering guitar- it's pretty good. What else can I say about this one track single? Obviously there are no lyrics that I can write about. I looked up the name on the web and Richard Parker appears to be one of the most common names of shipwreckees over the years in both reality and fiction - quite a few one of them were cannibalised by others on the shipwrecks too. Apparently there will be an album next year which will likely be worth keeping an eye out for. Brilliant, ghostly cover photo too.

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