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Colour Me In Kindness

Year Released: 2012
Format: LP
Label: Run for Cover
Reviewed by Joe Caithness on Nov 16, 2012
I came across this band in quite a unique way, I heard them recording a record before they were cool and popular through a heavily insulated wall, so up until hearing this record they kinda sounded like "mmppmpmpbmbbpbmbmpb' so it's nice to hear something proper.

Basement are a band pretty much everyone I know under my age of 25 likes, often fervently. I guess they are like this generation's big UK band to get behind. I think they are more known for their chunky melodic post-hardcore vibes and this album marks their move into sounding like a band which might actually make some money and be remembered after their current hype, which is ironic as they have split up.

So this record, it's like alt rock for the radio, but it's not shit, in fact it's pretty good. It actually reminds me of the second Foo Fighters album (75% of people reading this just closed this tab), or like Sunny Day Real Estate when they became godmo as fuck. Some nice Christie Front Drive build ups and Mineral esque vocals, but I'll be honest, the lyrics are mostly sub par and sometimes veer into full on Nu Metal ballad track territory, bad vibes right?

The best song on this is probably "Control" as it sounds like Quicksand with Jeremy Enigk singing. It's probably a "stream it first, see if you like it" album as this will not appeal to everyone, but I will probably end up sticking it on again. Aight?

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