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All Eyes West - Above Them


Year Released: 2012
Format: 7"
Label: Jump Start Records
Reviewed by MH on Dec 12, 2012
This is another US/UK split. I remember a band called US:UK. I'm pretty sure I saw them play at The Marquee in London and they had their own theme tune - "Gimme US! UK! Gimme US!UK" etc. as they waved their arms around in the air (I think they even had flags which were half Union Jack, half Stars & Stripes). Why I was there, I have no idea - it would have been in about 1991 and they must have been supporting someone GREAT..or perhaps it was an all-dayer. They were terrible and thankfully bear no relevance to this split. The A side features All Eyes West. I've not heard them before but they have been around for a while and feature at least one member of Noise By Numbers. Their track is some driving indie rock with a 90s flavour. It leans a little into college radio territory and is pretty good. They have apparently picked up some pretty cool support slots lately with the likes of Seaweed, Braid and Samiam. Above Them serve up a new melodic song with chugging riffs called "To All Our Friends". They retain their British sound with the accent in the vocals. It sounds a little cleaner than their last album but having said that if you liked their last album you will almost certainly like this one too. Good song. Solid fare from both bands.

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