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Year Released: 2012
Format: CD
Label: ConSouling Sounds
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on Dec 20, 2012
The first of two releases by ConSouling Sounds and even though the accompanying piece of paper makes reference to a “sonic journey” this is still pretty good.

Doom/Sludge is the order of the day here and I can imagine how seeing these cats live must be an experience similar to slowly drowning in a large vat of silage whilst the furious villagers who threw you in there hammer on the sides with radios tuned to MONOTHROATT FM.

Dur dur deh durrr
Dur dur deh durrrrrrr
Duh Deh Duhh

Someone in here somewhere is shouting about dying, whilst ten thousand guitars play the same note over and over again. To call this a barrage of noise would be to underestimate how solid and severe this recording actually is so I won't write that.

God knows where you would have to go to watch this band play live, but I would make every effort to do so, providing the venue was reasonably catered and there were sufficient and clearly marked fire exits. If someone set fire to this band when they were on stage, they probably wouldn't notice and just keep playing.

Tougher than leather.

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