A horrible hack



Year Released: 2012
Format: CD
Label: BCore
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Dec 31, 2012
Les Claypool is mentioned in the press sheet, which instantly put me off. Ugh Primus.

I gingerly put it on, expecting the horrors of nonsense bass noodling, and I suppose there was a little. But thankfully not too much, mainly it really reminded me of those later No Means No records - 0 + 2 = one, and Dance of the Headless Bourgeois and what have you, and I really like that those records, and this ain't half bad too. It doesn't have the brooding menace of No Means No, but it does have that bass led arty punk kind of business, and plenty of post hardcore riddims.

You can tell that they would be quite the band to watch in a live situation, so if they come over from Spain, I should go and watch them. I say 'I' but I can barely be bothered to leave the house to watch a band I really like so there's no guarantee I'll go, but I would certainly think about it. High quality post hardcore/art rock, and not to be sniffed at, well worth a listen.

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