A horrible hack



Year Released: 2012
Format: 12" EP
Label: Deranged - Katorga Works
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Jan 2, 2013
Was initially a tad disappointed with this since there's nowt to be found that's anywhere near as coruscating as 'I Hate You' from their first 7", but repeat listens have helped warm my feelings considerably. The basic framework is pretty much identical to that laid down on said 7" - mix Negatives FX and Approach, shake violently and stand well back - and while there'll be no dinky golden trophies handed their way for originality things have been tidied up, streamlined and dosed with enough variation to ensure your attention doesn't waver amid a blur of similar-sounding boisterousness. Of the songs on offer the winner has to be 'The Bricks', a melodic little bruiser that almost has me yelling "Pee! Cee! Onenineeighttwo!" along with it at certain points, and I can't help but wonder whether this'll be the direction in which the band head next if they're not to sputter out or risk retreading the same old ground. Things come to a halt with a serviceable if unadventurous Black Easter cover, but at just seven tracks this helps add to an overall feeling of vague lop-sidedness: the band's own songs are good enough to make you want another two or three originals to round things off, but, I guess, since beggars can't be choosers you've always got the option of playing things through twice if you're looking to kill a few extra empty minutes before teatime rolls around.

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