A horrible hack

Lantern For A Gale

Lands More Hostile

Year Released: 2012
Format: CD
Label: Savour Your Scene Records
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Jan 16, 2013
That's a pretty funny name, sorry. Actually no I'm not, it made me 'lol'.

When I was a child melodic hardcore was NOFX, and Bad Religion. Now it's this roaring stuff, like they actually want to be a hardcore band (and by hardcore I obviously mean in the modern sense, so Converge, Drowningman or Botch, to name some good bands, but its metally hardcore really isn't it? I still like it though), but still feel they have to have some melodic guitar parts, and the odd singy bit, or tuneful roar.

I digress, this is popular business now, or was at least in Exeter before I left, and you know what, it's fine. I really don't like it at all, to me its too metally, it's not what I think of when I think of hardcore. But I am merely a cross old man, it is clearly well played, and the kids would love to 'throw their shit' down to this, and no doubt do that pointing their fingers move that they love.

It's not my cup of tea, (and I don't think it is for fans of Envy at all as the crib sheet tells me, mind you I haven't heard anything by them since A Dead Sinking Story, so maybe they sound more like this now) But there isn't anything wrong with it at all. I have no doubt many people would enjoy it, so knock yrself out.

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